Academic Program for EXcellence (APEX)



What is APEX?

The Academic Program for EXcellence (APEX) is an eight-week academic summer program designed for incoming multicultural freshmen.  APEX helps multicultural students transition to Iowa State University during the summer prior to their first semester.

Why should you attend APEX?

You will be enrolled in up to eight credits of general education courses applicable to all majors, such as English, math, sociology and psychology.  You will learn with other students who want to get ahead in their academic careers and have an opportunity to meet and network with faculty and staff who will help you with your adjustment to university life.

In addition to earning college credit, as an APEX participant you have the opportunity to network with other APEX students, discover the 800+ student clubs and organizations on campus, enjoy fun group activities during the weekends, serve on the APEX Cabinet and experience all the other exciting opportunities that await you this summer at Iowa State.    

As an APEX participants, you will:

  • Be part of a great on-campus community;
  • Attend the same classes as other APEX participants;
  • Have an opportunity to explore the Iowa State University community; and
  • Have all of these experiences and much more at no cost!

College Specific APEX programming:

The APEX program features college specific programming for students in the Colleges of Agriculture and Life Sciences (APEXᴬ), Engineering (APEXᴱ), and Liberal Arts and Sciences (APEXLAS). APEXᴬ, APEXᴱ and APEXLAS are opportunities for students to receive additional academic, professional, and social development experience to aid in their preparation for academic success within their college.

The Benefit of College Specific APEX programming:

  • Opportunities to engage in active learning workshops  and professional development experiences that highlight numerous disciplines within the Colleges of Agriculture and Life Sciences (APEXᴬ), Engineering (APEXᴱ), or Liberal Arts and Sciences (APEXLAS);
  • Develop a support network of faculty, staff, peers, and industry professionals associated with your college; and
  • Gain an understanding of what various professions through professional development experiences.


APEX 2016 Calendar of Events

Check back soon for a calendar of events for APEX 2016



In order to qualify for APEX, you must meet each of the following criteria:

  • Be a graduating high school senior;
  • Be a U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident;
  • Be admitted to Iowa State University for the fall semester as a first-year student; and
  • Identify as Black/African American, Asian American, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, Latino/a, American Indian/Alaskan Native or Multiracial

Application Procedures

  1. Accept Iowa State University’s offer of admission for Fall 2016 semester.
  2. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 1st.
  3. Complete an on-line APEX application and submit supporting documents and your letter of recommendation by March 16, 2015.

APEX Community Policies and Procedures (coming soon)

Undergradudate students interested in serving as a 2015 APEX Peer Mentor, please apply here:  APEX PEER MENTOR APPLICATION

Graduate students interested in working with the 2015 APEX Program, please apply here:  APEX GRADUATE ASSISTANT STAFF APPLICATION



Contact the APEX Coordinator if you need more information or have any questions regarding the program:

Office of Multicultural Student Affairs

Iowa State University
2224 Student Services Building, Suite 2080
Ames, IA 50011-2224
Phone: 515.294.6338

Fax: 515.294.6397