Multicultural Center


The primary mission of the Multicultural Center is to develop a sense of community between students, staff, and faculty of color on the Iowa State University campus.  The overall intent of the Center is to create an environment where awareness of one's cultural identity and a deeper understanding and respect of others' differences with respect to culture, are readily accepted and embraced.

Reserve the Multicultural Center Library

The Library in the Multicultural Center can fulfill your need for meeting space, receptions, and many other uses. Please click this link to reserve the MCC Library.

Recognized Organizations are limited to no more than two (2) meeting rooms per week with a four (4) hour time limit for routine weekly activities. Additional space can be requested one week in advance, pending availability and the approval of the Event Management Office. Ballroom and Terrace spaces are not eligible for reoccurring reservations.

Note: The MCC space seats approximately 20 people. There is a combination of large plush chairs (8) and smaller conference table style chairs (12). This space must use the existing set.  Staff is not available to re-set/reconfigure the meeting space.  However, based on physical distancing guidelines, the MCC space has been reduced to 7 people.

Resources in the Multicultural Center

  • 4 Desktop computers with printer access
  • A comfortable lounge with 40" flat screen  TV
  • 2 private study rooms

Four people sitting in a circle and talking in the Library.

Multicultural Center Art Philosophy

The art philosophy of the Multicultural Center is to embrace, express, and celebrate the diverse cultures of Iowa State University and create a welcoming space for students. Furthermore, the Multicultural Center will inspire pride, support, and love through cross cultural experiences and dialogues.