Mission, Vision & Goals


Our Vision

The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs will be a national leader in effectively supporting and empowering multicultural students in their personal, community and academic development.


Our Mission

The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA) supports and empowers Iowa State University's students who self-identify as African American, Asian, Pacific Islander, Desi American, Latinx, Native American/Alaskan Native or Multiracial,, and advocates for their holistic development across the University.

Our Values

The foundation of MSA’s work is guided by the core values of Iowa State University:  Land-grant ideals, a diversity of ideas, people, and cultures, intellectual freedom, leadership, and excellence in all we do.

Built on that foundation, our values encompass:

  • Agency and Advocacy
  • Community-minded dialogue
  • Culturally responsible coalition building
  • Social Justice and Intersectional Inclusion
  • Student Development and Reflection
  • Transformative experiential learning

    Our Goals

    The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs will:

    • Provide support services that facilitate the transition, retention, persistence, and graduation of Iowa State University's multicultural students;
    • Offer leadership development opportunities for students to build community, contribute to their academic experiences and become change agents;
    • Encourage students to explore their personal and professional development;
    • Promote an inclusive campus environment where Iowa State University multicultural students have a sense of belonging and connection;
    • Develop and maintain relationships with campus partners in order to advocate and support Iowa State University's multicultural students; and utilize those relationships to serve as a resource regarding multicultural student success; and
    • Create innovative approaches to promoting multicultural student success that are recognized nationally, regionally and/or locally.