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The Hype features submissions from Iowa State University multicultural students. The Hype is hosted by the Office of Multicultural Students Affairs; however, the views expressed are not necessarily those of the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, Iowa State University, the Iowa Board of Regents or the State of Iowa.

Kaitlyn McFadden's Experience at Iowa State

18 Mar 2022 4:08 PM

By: Nsafi

Kaitlyn McFadden went to a small high school in Texas and she said that for the most part, she enjoyed this experience. She was able to be involved in many things and take classes that she was interested in.

But she said that she struggled the last two years of high school due to a teacher that did not like her and would call her out in front of others. This made her feel miserable while she was in school.

McFadden chose Iowa State because it was close to her family; she has a lot of family that live in Des Moines.


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Zakiya Johnson's Experience at Iowa State

18 Mar 2022 3:48 PM

By: Nsafi

When looking back at her high school experience, Zakiya Johnson can only describe it as being “okay.” She says that being one of the only Black women in her grade made it hard to feel comfortable and connected with the peers around her.

That is why she was excited for a change of pace and scenery when considering college. Johnson is a junior at Iowa State majoring in psychology and she chose this institution because she was offered the George Washington Carver (GWC) scholarship.

 She also liked how strong the study abroad programs were at Iowa State.


Turner Anderson's Experience at Iowa State

18 Mar 2022 3:45 PM

By: Nsafi

 When Turner Anderson was in high school he was fortunate enough to go to a school that had both great students and teachers; it was in this environment that their love for learning and science was nurtured. When he was not in the classroom, he was involved in choir, student council, soccer, and other extracurricular activities.

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Shang-Chi movie poster from Marvel Studios with lowered opacity. Text: My Thoughts by Alex over screenshot

My Thoughts, as an Asian Woman, on Shang-Chi by Alex

17 Nov 2021 9:31 AM

Guest Blogger Guest Blogger

It felt awesome to go into a theater to watch a movie that had Asian characters being played by Asian identifying folx (looking at you, Emma Stone). Of course, all cast members or characters weren’t Asian, but I’m happy that most of the cast was Asian.

In My Words     Asian American, Graduate School

Photo of Durga

Durga Sritharan's Experience at Iowa State

29 Apr 2021 1:22 PM

By: Nsafi

When Durga Sritharan looks back at her high school experience, she can say that she enjoyed it. In her high school years, she was able to connect with students and staff on a personal level. The relationships she established and maintained during that time helped her become a more sociable and outgoing person.


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This Is For Me by Paulina

28 Apr 2021 11:54 AM

Guest Blogger Guest Blogger

Multicultural Vision Program scholars were asked to reflect on their first year at Iowa State in a creative way. Paulina discusses their experiences as a first-year student in Apparel Merchandising and Design and how Paulina channeled the experiences into a dress entered in the 2021 Fashion Show. See her reflection below. You can enable closed caption as needed.


In My Words     MVP, College of Human Sciences, Latinx

Photo of ashley

Ashley Brent's Experience at Iowa State

06 Apr 2021 3:58 PM

By: Nsafi

Ashley Brent chose to attend Iowa State due to the combination of majors that she wanted to take and as well as the courses that were going to be offered to her. 

Brent attended a high school in the capital city of Missouri where she enjoyed her school experience because of her love for academics and the extracurricular activity of band. She expressed how the band helped balance the stress that came with the school. 

Brent is currently a junior majoring in environmental science and community regional planning. 

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Photo of Destiny

Destiny Payne's Experience at Iowa State

23 Mar 2021 2:45 PM

By: Nsafi

When Destiny Payne was deciding what school, she wanted to attend after her undergraduate program, she wanted to pick an institution that would give her a different experience than her last institution. She wanted to go to a bigger institution that also had a well-established student affairs program.

So, when she found out that she could enroll in a student affairs program that had a social justice focus, she was immediately attracted to Iowa State.

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Photo of Hugo

The Crazy Life of A Mexican Warr;or by Hugo

25 Nov 2020 12:00 PM

Guest Blogger Guest Blogger

My name is Hugo O. Perez Loa! I am a recent graduate from the class of Fall 2020 at Iowa State University! My Major is in BLS (Bachelors of Liberal Studies) and I’m from Storm Lake, Iowa!


The Crazy Life of A Mexican Warr;or is a YouTube video series that was created by, yours truly! I was nominated by Brian Behnken to do a collaboration with Iowa State’s MSA (Multicultural Student Affairs) Office, as well as their student website blog, The Hype, to produce a post of my experience as a Multicultural college student and, of course, as an Iowa State Student.

In My Words     Latinx, LGBTQIA+

Photo of Grace

Meet Grace Shultis: Writing and Media Center Consultant

22 Sep 2020 8:24 AM

Guest Blogger Guest Blogger

Beginning September 17, ISU’s Office of Multicultural Student Affairs & Writing and Media Center offer FREE peer tutoring services for MSA students working on any form of written, oral, visual, or electronic communication!

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