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The Hype features submissions from Iowa State University multicultural students. The Hype is hosted by the Office of Multicultural Students Affairs; however, the views expressed are not necessarily those of the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, Iowa State University, the Iowa Board of Regents or the State of Iowa.

Photo of Sarah in front of Parks Library

Happiness is Not Success

08 Oct 2019 11:45 AM

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Participating in the Academic Program of Excellence (APEX) prepared me for college in a way I didn’t expect. The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs provided a select number of students seeking to advance in their college careers free tuition, room and board for a summer semester. In addition to classes like Psychology and English, my cohort took an APEX class that taught about social justice issues and transitioning into college as a diverse student.

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Photo of Anna in cyclone Aide Uniform

To Lead in Cardinal and Gold by Anna

03 Oct 2019 4:01 PM

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My name is Anna Larson. I am a sophomore studying English Education from Council  Bluffs, IA and this past year I have been given the amazing opportunity to work as a  Cyclone Aide in New Student Programs. In order to obtain the position, you are taken through two rounds of interviews before the selection process. Once you have been 

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Photo of Harry

Journey to Not Knowing by Harry

27 Sep 2019 12:47 PM

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When MSA asked me to write this blog post, I didn’t know where to begin. My name is Harry Nguyen and I’m currently a junior studying business management with a minor in marketing. It only took me up until my third year of college to decide what I wanted to study and I think this is a good starting point to share my experience here at Iowa State.

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Things That Remind Me I'm Black by Toni

16 Sep 2019 1:43 PM

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I don’t consider being Black to be a major part of my personality but somehow, it’s the first thing that people notice about me. I don’t walk around campus constantly thinking about the fact that I’m Black but every once in a while (meaning very often), something happens that brings it to the forefront. Here is a list of the most common things that remind me that I’m Black:

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Photo of Jessica holding cabbage

Plants and People in Costa Rica by Jessica

12 Apr 2019 2:32 PM

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Over spring break, I did my first study abroad trip to Costa Rica where I was able to learn about agriculture and be immersed in the Costa Rican culture. Not to mention, the study abroad office hooked it up with all-inclusive, beach front, hotels throughout our stay. Being a senior, I was super stoked about being able to get a study abroad trip into my last semester as an undergrad without having to dedicate an entire semester to do so.

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Rebecca standing on bridge in front of water

Exploring the UAE by Rebecca

05 Mar 2019 3:27 PM

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While most were enjoying the long winter break we had last semester I was also enjoying mine but in another country, Dubai! On December 28th, I left from Chicago on my first plane ride ever to Dubai! After a 13-hour flight, I had made it to the start of my adventure. Stepping out into the warm 80-degree weather in the middle of winter was something I would have never thought I would experience but was so happy I did.

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Preparing for the Praxis Exam

05 Mar 2019 3:11 PM

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I received funding from Multicultural Student Affairs in order to take my PRAXIS Exam.

What is it?

This exam is required for all future educators. In order to pass the exam, you need to receive certain scores that have been set by Iowa State University.

This exam consists of three main topics: reading, writing, and mathematics. Most things to expect pertain to these topics.


SHPE-MAES Logo on a Red Box

Student Perspectives: SHPE-MAES National Convention

05 Mar 2019 12:12 PM

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The members of SHPE-MAES, the Iowa State University chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers traveled to Cleveland, Ohio for the National Convention. Click on the video to learn about their experiences.

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Photo of Joi

Four Things Black Womxn Can Relate to on Campus by Joi

29 Oct 2018 11:27 AM

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It has been 4 years since I decided to leave my predominantly black neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri and come to Iowa State’s campus. It was a huge adjustment, but I’ve come to realize that a lot of other black womxn have had similar experiences on campus. Here’s a list of a few things that I think other black womxn will relate to:  

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