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The Hype features submissions from Iowa State University multicultural students. The Hype is hosted by the Office of Multicultural Students Affairs; however, the views expressed are not necessarily those of the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, Iowa State University, the Iowa Board of Regents or the State of Iowa.

Photo of vince and another cyclone aide by the campanile at dusk

Why You Should Apply to be a Cyclone Aide

28 Sep 2018 11:39 AM

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What does it mean to be a Cyclone Aide?  Why did You choose to do it?

Vincent (Vince), Marketing, Saint Charles, IL

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The Men in Brown Don't Mess Around! by Rene

05 Sep 2018 2:53 PM

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This summer I had the great opportunity to attend the 2018 Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity Incorporated national convention hosted in Kansas City Missouri. Me and my four other chapter brothers from ISU had the great privilege to meet the 400 brothers and more in attendance the weekend of July 13th – July 15th. This rich and inspiring weekend will be one I won’t forget as it was my first convention with many more to come!

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Photo of Julissa

Multicultural Greek Council: Meet the Greeks! by Julissa Garcia

19 Aug 2018 2:36 PM

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Culturally-based organizations grew at a time period in which students weren’t allowed to join some sororities and fraternities. The need for a space for minorities in college was expressed through the creation of organizations focused on their identity. This led to the creation of different culturally-based and identity-based organizations. Now there is over 100 culturally-based sororities and fraternities across the nation, that make up the sorority and fraternity community.

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Notebook paper. (Text) 15 things you should do the first week of classes

15 Things You Should Do the First Week of Classes

16 Aug 2018 5:00 PM

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Photo of TorrellDevelop a routine (breakfast, gym, studying, etc.) – Torrell

Photo of Andrew Map out your semester in a planner or web calendar. – Andrew

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Photo of beach with "summer" written in the sand

5 Things I am looking forward to this Summer!

27 Jun 2018 12:44 PM

Damien Damien

1. Spending time with Friends

It's great to finally finish school and go back home to meet up with my friends. Every time we see each other, we have a blast and bring out the best (and sometimes the worst) in each other. It's always great to be in a familiar place with familiar people. Going off to college is rough and kind of stresses me out, so when I get home it's awesome!

2. Going to Concerts

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Top Songs that sum up my 2017-2018 Year

15 May 2018 4:41 PM

Tiffany Tiffany

For my top songs to describe the year I decided to do a song for each month of the school year! I picked either the most eventful or important days of the month and tried to match a song to it.  Check out my list of songs from different genres, time periods, emotions and much more: 


ISUPD Badge reading: Police Iowa State University Ames, IA

Interview with ISUPD: Deputy Natasha Greene

26 Apr 2018 4:59 PM

Damien Damien

Since coming to Iowa State University, I have noticed that it is a pretty quiet in Ames (besides late Friday and Saturday night). On weekdays, when I am heading to class, it’s not uncommon for me to see an ISUPD vehicle cruising behind a Cyride bus through campus. In fact, it’s never uncommon for me to see an ISUPD vehicle, as they are always on patrol, 24/7.

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Reclaiming Our Colors: The 2018 Cardinal and Gold

13 Apr 2018 10:57 AM

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On Friday, our community gathered for the inaugural Cardinal and Gold event in the Great Hall. This event celebrated the contributions made my people and communities of color to Iowa State University and honored a number of groups and individuals.

Justin Winkel served as master of ceremonies and introduced the event with these words:

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