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To Be The Change You Want To See by Phaedra

26 Oct 2017 11:58 AM

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Photo of PhaedraMove-in day freshman year was arguably the biggest change I had ever faced in my life. It didn’t matter that I hadn’t left my hometown or that my parents worked on campus. My life was drastically changed anyway. I went from having my own room to sharing a small space, from having three siblings to having three roommates, and from knowing what I was doing to being clueless again. Change is scary, but I’m going to share with you how I have learned to accept change and even promote it.

In the first few semesters of college, I was often encouraged by faculty and staff to be a change agent. Being a change agent seemed like a less than desirable position to me. I associated being a change agent with being assertive and challenging the status quo.

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Dealing with Impostor Syndrome by Andy

20 Oct 2017 9:29 AM

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I am not sure what most people’s reaction is to being invited to write about their experiences. Maybe for some it is treated as an everyday writing assignment, something they do because they were asked to with no major hassle. For others, they may find it empowering, or welcoming, appreciated, because of the fact they have been invited to speak in their own voice,  in their own words.

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Just a Joke by Ngoc

12 Oct 2017 3:13 PM

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A lanky man walked past me and I could hear his shoes shift from the salty sand on the sidewalk. His heels turned 180 degrees. There was more crunching and shifting behind my ears, like an angry bull ready to strike the flapping red cloth of the bull fighter. I could hear him running, steps thundering louder and louder towards me.

      “Yo, dyke! Wait up! Yo, yo, yo dyke!”

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Sketch of a lotus flower (text) Like a lotus flower, we too have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of the darkness and radiate into the world.

Golden Lotus by Brittany

04 Oct 2017 7:46 AM

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Please note: This post includes information about a sexual assault.  Any reader who is a survivor of sexual misconduct or sexual assault should be aware this message could evoke an emotional response.

I have never been the best at articulating my thoughts and feelings out loud; writing has always felt more natural; however, even at that, I’m finding it difficult to express how my experience at Iowa State has shaped me into who I am.

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In My Words: Moving Forward by DeQuan

15 Sep 2017 12:07 PM

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I believe that I didn’t choose Iowa State; Iowa State chose me.

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Stylized quote: "Knowing yourself is the beginning of wisdom" by Aristotle

Know Yourself by Simren

07 Sep 2017 1:22 PM

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       As a new, excited freshman arriving at Iowa State I was ready to take Ames head on. I was a little too eager to actually. I went from a rigid strict environment living with my parents, to no structure at all. I was soon staying up till 3 am almost every night, with friends who also didn’t have their priorities figured out, but I was living in blissful ignorance. This was what the college life was supposed to be about right?

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Y'all, We Need to Talk by Andrew

31 Aug 2017 9:00 AM

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I haven’t been known to bring too much attention toward racial tension or discrimination that occurs on-campus. Now, I don’t have a blind eye toward them, I know that they exist and that they’re a real problem, but I don’t often talk about them.

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Finding My Room by Kpandi Lumeh

16 Aug 2017 12:07 PM

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Four years ago I moved in on campus and could not find my room. I had my bed and dresser but it was unclear to me where I would call home.

Now, I think of all the B’s that could have been A’s. I think of the final I missed because I slept through my alarm The times I wanted to confide in a professor but didn't. The time I learned of the rules I’m supposed to live under as a Black girl.

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