Multicultural Student Leadership Council Funding Application

The Multicultural Student Leadership Council (MSLC) employs specific policies and procedures to manage student organization funding requests. Funding decisions are based on how well an application meets the following criteria:

  • The request is by an Iowa State recognized student organization
  • The event will reduce acts of bias and insensitivity and have an educational focus
  • The event offers potential for long-term continuous impact on the campus community
  • The event will be open and free to the general and ISU students or if there is cost please explain the purpose in the Finance and Funding information section
  • The event will encourage collaboration and interaction between different student organizations
  • The event will be aimed at increasing sensitivity and understanding across different backgrounds
  • The event will advance multicultural issues through academic, cultural, and/or social means


MSLC Funding Application Instructions

  1. Download and complete the MSLC Budget Worksheet before completing the online submission.  The worksheet is available as a Microsoft Excel document you can edit and then save or a PDF that you can print, complete and scan.  
  2. Prepare a minimum of a 500 word response to each the following questions you will answer as part of the application
    1. What is the mission/goals of the proposed event or project?
    2. How will it impact the ISU community?
    3. With what other groups, organizations, departments or units are you collaborating on this event?
  3. Have any existing invoices or bills pertaining to the event ready to upload if available
  4. Have a digital copy of the flier/advertisement of the event ready to upload is available
  5. Complete the Application Form online
  6. If your proposal is accepted, complete the Program Report

If you require additional information or assistance with completing the MSLC Funding application please contact the Multicultural Student Affairs Office at or 515-294-6338.