Indigenous Heritage Month 2018

Sepia rectangle (text) Indigenous Heritage Month 2018. Photos of Indigenous leaders in sepia tone.

Interactive Site: Do you know who the people featured on the calendar are?

Click this link to learn more about these and other indigenous leaders, scholars, athletes and activivists.

In Whose Honor

In Whose Honor focuses on the story of Charlene Teters, a Spokane Indian whose campaign against Chief Illiniwek, the University of Illinois’ beloved team mascot, turned a college town upside down and made many people rethink the larger issues of culture and identity.

November 7 | Parks Library, Room198 | 6:00pm

This is a Scholars Cup event! Earn points for your program by attending.


Indigenous Heritage Meal

ISU Dining will host an Indigenous Heritage meal in three on-campus dining centers: Seasons, Union Drive Marketplace and Conversations. Information be be provided about the significance of the dishes. 

November 8 | Seasons Marketplace, Union Drive Marketplace, and Conversations Dining | Lunch and Dinner |



This film provides an inside look at Maine’s Wabanaki-State Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the first statewide effort to examine what has happened, what is happening, and what needs to happen regarding child welfare practices affecting Wabanaki people.

November 8 | Lagomarcino W0272 | 3:00pm


Angry Inuk

Seal hunting, a critical part of Inuit life, has been controversial for a long time. Now, a new generation of Inuit, armed with social media and their own sense of humour and justice, are challenging the anti-sealing groups and bringing their own voices into the conversation. Director Alethea Arnaquq-Baril joins her fellow Inuit activists as they challenge outdated perceptions of Inuit and present themselves to the world as modern people in dire need of a sustainable economy.

November 13 | Carver 268 | 7:00 p.m.