Calling Future Health Professionals: Minority Association for Pre-Health Students (MAPS)

26 Sep 2017 2:06 PM

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Being pre-health can sometimes seem like an uphill battle, even more so if feel like you are facing it alone. Logo: Minority Association for Pre-Health StudentsThe Minority Association of Pre-Health students (MAPS) can be your extended family at Iowa State and can help you overcome all the obstacles that come with preparing to apply to professional school. This national organization is new at Iowa State University and strives to increase workforce diversity in the health fields because it has been proven that physicians of color are more likely to practice in underserved areas reaching underprivileged populations.

    MAPS works to:

    • Provide students with the resources, knowledge, and skills needed to succeed in the health care fields
    • Aid in the development of culturally conscious physicians by raising awareness of issues that underserved and/or underrepresented communities face

    What  are the benefits of getting involved?

    • Attend National and Regional Conferences
    • Practice MCAT materials and Princeton Review discounts
    • Scholarships
    • Mentorship and Networking Opportunities in all health related fields

      Two students smiling and holding cookiesWhat do  our biweekly meetings look like?

      • Speakers, most likely health professionals, are invited to speak about their experience working in their field and applying to professional school
      • Student panels and guided application overviews to clarify application processes for each health field
      • Peer mentors are paired with students in order to network within our own chapter
      • Programs, Internships and Resources are promoted to students

      Reducing health disparities in our communities is a step towards living in a more equitable world and we believe we can achieve that by providing our peers with the support and help they need so that they can give back in the future.

      If you share our organization’s goals and interests and want to get involved please contact:

      Club Spotlight     Pre-Health