Introducing the Black Graduate Student Association

16 Oct 2017 10:05 AM

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The Black Graduate Student Association (BGSA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of student life at ISU, while promoting academic excellence, mentoring, professional guidance, social support and scholarly advancement of undergraduate students, graduate students, and other members of the ISU community.

Photo of fourteen people smiling at the camera during a BGSA eventOne of the primary focuses of our organization is to provide a space where graduate students can escape the everyday pressure of work and graduate life and coalesce with a group of peers. We strive to build a stronger community amongst Black graduate and undergraduate students from all across the University and to provide them with the requisite resources and network necessary for them to excel in their time here and beyond.

A first year Masters student, Markus Flynn, replied this when asked what made him decide to join BGSA, “Like many graduate students of color, I am the only one in my department who identifies with the race that I do, and I felt a strong need to get connected with people who were similar to myself. In grad school, I feel that we spend a tremendous amount of time focusing on very specific things and I knew that if I would be able to last in my program, I desperately needed an outlet from that and BGSA has been that for me."

BGSA is always looking for new ways to get students connected and to collaborate with other organizations. We offer a variety of social, professional and volunteer events catered specifically to our members. Join us at a few upcoming events:

  • 10/19 at 8:30 pm we will be attending Comedian Amanda Seales (Tiffany from Insecure) show at the M shop in the Memorial Union
  • 10/28 we will be volunteering for a fundraiser at Jack Trice during the football game and are still in need of a few people who are willing to help out
  • 11/3 will be our next general body meeting will be at the George A. Jackson Black Cultural Center at 6pm.

For those who are interested in learning more about our organization or possibly helping out at a fundraiser, please email us and follow us on Twitter or Facebook

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