Introducing the African Students Association

27 Nov 2017 10:31 AM

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The African Students Association at Iowa State University is a student organization dedicated to providing learning, networking, and social opportunities to students of African descent and also those who have an interest in Africa. We accomplish this objective through a variety of activities such as meetings, club sponsored events, panels and discussions, and networking opportunities.

ASA members taking a funny picture at the Midwest African Student Organization Conference
Some ASA members taking a funny picture at the Midwest African Student Organization Conference

This fall semester, we attended a regional conference, held a soccer tournament, a networking dinner with African Faculty and Staff and held frequent meetings discussing topics relating to Africa.

Over the years, the executive board of ASA has prioritized making ASA a home-away-from-home for everyone who comes to us. ASA tries it’s best to mimic the idea of community that is valued by many Africans. Another valuable aspect of African culture that ASA exemplifies is our love for dance and music. The second floor of Carver Hall is usually illuminated by African sounds at 6 pm on Fridays as students choose to end their week by coming to ASA to learn, laugh, and dance.

For ASA member Faith Gaye, ASA represents a place of unity. Faith said “ASA brings and keeps us together. We genuinely enjoy each other’s company and accept one another. There is no pride”.


10 members of the winning team posing on the turf

The winning team of the Fall 2017 African Students Association Soccer Tournament.

As the Fall semester comes to a gradual end, ASA members are beginning to plan our cultural show African Night. ASA holds African Night every year to celebrate and showcase various aspects of African culture. African Night 2018 is intended to take place on March 31st. To learn more about ASA and African Night, contact ASA president Kpandi Lumeh at


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