Graduate Reflection by Natalie

12 Dec 2017 11:44 AM

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My time at Iowa State University was truly an adventure and I could not have done it without the support of family and friends.

I am a first-generation college student and because of that I was not sure how to overcome certain obstacles. I came to college clueless on how to study Photo of Natalie in front the ISU's Memorial Unioneffectively and avoid procrastination, which resulted in an unsuccessful first semester. I would call my parents after every failed exam and felt so disappointed in myself. However, they always gave me words of encouragement and motivated me to not give up.

As the months went by, I looked into some resources on campus that taught me how to study and plan ahead in order to get the most out of my days and avoid leaving everything till last minute which dramatically caused my GPA to go up. Although I was doing well in class I felt lonely because I did not know anyone. I realized that getting involved would help me meet people. So, I got involved in various organizations on campus.

The organizations not only allowed me to meet lots of people but also challenged me to grow as a person through various aspects. Since I was involved in various organizations and would spend hours at the library my family started to worry.

Being a Latina first-generation college student meant having to explain every aspect of college to them. I remember them always wanting the best for me and calling me asking how I was doing. If they would hear me stress I remember them saying, “finish it tomorrow, get some rest mija” even though I was still going to pull that all-nighter. While being a student I learned that making sacrifices was needed to obtain a degree.

Now that graduation is approaching all I can think of is that this degree is for my family for the ones that cannot be here because of their immigration status.

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