All men and women are not created equal by Raul

24 Jan 2018 8:03 AM

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All men and women are not created equal. Some are born rich and others poor. Some are born weak and and others with great strength. Some are born with opportunities, and some are born with deficits. That is why there is discrimination, struggle and competition in our world. The history of the world has never been pretty flowers and rainbows. It has been full of blood, famine, violence and destruction. We are all born in different environments, households, education systems, economic standings, and external influences. These are all things that make who we are, our ideologies are shaped and molded by what we experience in life. We are born an open book waiting to get filled with knowledge. So how do we decide what knowledge is permanent in our books?

I was given the chance to be born in the United States thanks to my mom and dad. At 6 months pregnant my mom came to the United States without papers so that I could have a better life. Both my mom and dad could only finish elementary school because they had to work to survive in Mexico. My mom’s mother died when my mom was 7 from a snake bite. Soon after her mom died, her closest brother was shot to death, and her dad died of cancer. My dad could not even fully attend elementary school. He had to work his butt off from sunrise to sunset while he suffered with an alcoholic father that would beat him, his siblings and his mother. Imagine being a kid and experiencing all this, it would leave a scar on you, don’t you think?

In Mexico and many nations of South and Central America, there really is no opportunity to grow since they are developing countries, plagued by poverty, war and external political influences. Luckily my parents are now citizens of the United States through a difficult process. But this may not have been the case, million others have no documentation and live in fear of being deported. They, too, have also suffered likewise in some shape, way or form to get to the United States. And most of these people that come to the United States come at a very young age.

Now, if you were in their shoes, what would you do? Before you answer, take a minute to imagine what those shoes look like. Worn and dirty, covered in blood and tears, the soles worn paper-thin. If you were in those shoes, what would you do?

We will meet people from different backgrounds, religions, colors and statuses while in college, in the workforce, and life. We are in an on-going, national debate about immigration. More importantly, we are in an on-going, national debate that affects people’s lives. We need to be able to get along with one another because diversity creates strength; different experiences create strength. We live in a globalized world which is rapidly changing. I am Latino, the child of immigrants, and I am proud of that fact. As Gandhi said "our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization". We may have different religions, colors, economic statuses and political ideologies but at the end of the day we belong to the human race.


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