In My Words by Jocelyn

04 Feb 2018 11:34 AM

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Being black in class, it don’t get no harder

Trying to push myself every day to get smarter.

Limited finances, no money in my pockets

Got a family at home supporting me and staving.


I’m like… Why I got to try so hard just to make out?

Emptying myself to be filled with just doubt

How am I supposed to pay attention class

When I’m oppressed by a system and expected to pass?


Tell me why the only empty seat is next me?

Dehumanizing me, ain’t a way to get the best of me.

If you ain’t want me here, then why the hell you keep investing me?

I’m a take your help and then go help the rest of me.


If I don’t even make it for myself,

I’m a make it for that little boy or little girl,

Give them some real exposure to the NSBE World,

'Cause all their role models only poppin pills.


Its real…

NSBE saved my dreams

Region 5 and we keep reigning supreme

We the vanguard and lead

Aye, and all y’all on my team


Engineering got us t’d

We gon' keep doing our thing

Got the haters releasing steam

Cause Black excellence on fleek


I always knew I would be something

Even though I had to come up from nothing,

See, If I don’t pursue my dreams,

I’m letting down everyone who sacrificed for me.


Why Rosa sit?

And Martin walk?

And why Obama run for me?


What they gave me was more than life

They gave me dreams and endless possibilities


And we still going through it 2018

But I fight to make my dreams come a reality

Graduating with an engineering degree

I made it through a system, that was never made for me



“In my words” this is how I feel being a student of color at a PWI institution feels like.  Although, everything I wrote doesn’t reflect my life exactly, it reflects my peers and is relatable to many students of color.  My main goal of this piece is to be a reminder that you belong here and we’ve got to keep pushing for success no matter what.

In My Words     College of Engineering, Black/African American