Check It Out: The Big XII Conference on Black Student Government

09 Apr 2018 12:49 PM

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The Black Student Alliance traveled to Texas this spring for the Big XII Conference on Black Student Government

The Big XII Conference on Black Student Government is a organization composed of Big XII schools such as Iowa State, Mizzou(founding school), K-State, University of Kansas, Oklahoma State, University of Oklahoma, University of Texas at Austin, Baylor University and newly added Texas Tech.

This conference usually happens around the end of February or the beginning of March every year! We travel to a Big XII school and we are welcomed by 600+ students from all over. This conference is a great way to get the HBCU feel and gain that motivation to continue your studies. We attend workshops on relevant issues within the black community and we learn how to make our own campuses better. If you are interested in attending next years conference, which will be at Mizzou, please contact the current Big XII Delegate or BSA President for pricing and logistics. 

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