The Men in Brown Don't Mess Around! by Rene

05 Sep 2018 2:53 PM

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This summer I had the great opportunity to attend the 2018 Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity Incorporated national convention hosted in Kansas City Missouri. Me and my four other chapter brothers from ISU had the great privilege to meet the 400 brothers and more in attendance the weekend of July 13th – July 15th. This rich and inspiring weekend will be one I won’t forget as it was my first convention with many more to come!

Undergraduates and Alumni membersUndergraduates and Alumni all from Iowa State University.

We started the weekend off by having a meet and greet for all the brothers in attendance. It was such a great experience being able to walk around the room meeting new faces, sharing stories, and expanding your network, it was an eye opener. Being able to connect with brothers in the small amount of time you’ve met each other really felt as if you were a part of something bigger! Walking around the hotel, streets of KC, and stores surrounding the area all you would see is brown or white! You can immediately connect with the brothers as if you’ve already known each other!


En la unión esta la fuerza. Together we are stronger.

One of my favorite moments of convention was after a day full ofPhoto of peaceful protest informative sessions, brothers in attendance took on the streets of KC to hold a peaceful protest. We protested the inhumane actions that are being held currently as families at the border have yet to be reunited with each other. The media eventually arrived and soon our crowd was growing as passing people would join in with us. We all joined in together and made our voice be heard threw out Kansas City!

We ended convention with one our most important traditions that we hold at convention, Omega Lambda. Our Omega Lambda ceremony is held to commend and honor all of the brothers who have recently passed away or has passed away. With this ceremony we pay our respects to the fallen brothers by cherishing our memories with them. This event is not intended to be sad but in generally the mood was very caring and inspiring. I can say that ending such an eventful weekend with so much love, was defiantly a great conclusion!

Brothers at Omega Lambda Ceremony

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