5th Annual IMPAACT Retreat

26 Feb 2020 8:15 AM

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The 5th Annual IMPAACT (ISU Making Progress for the Asian American Community Today) Retreat will help participants identify leadership practices and develop leadership philosophies, differentiate between personal and social identities, and learn the importance of collaboration and solidarity within our own communities and other groups.

What does IMPAACT have to offer?

  • Understand intersecting identities
  • Share and reflect on experiences
  • Connect with supportive campus resources
  • Meet students and leaders of the ISU APIDA community
  • Increase APIDA awareness

Spring 2020 Impaact Retreat, ISU Making Progress for the Asian American Community Today. Join us for our 5th annual IMPAACT retreat. Free and transportation can be arranged. Saturday, February 29. 9AM to 5PM. Lynn Fuhrer Lodge. Here are some things people have to say about the retreat:

I am half Taiwanese and half German/Irish. As both a mixed-race and Asian American student it is difficult to see myself represented on campus since there are fewer than one thousand Asian American undergraduates and hardly any faculty/staff. IMPAACT gives me space to feel visible and not alone. - Ella McGuire (Curriculum Committee)

My first experience with IMPAACT was in Fall 2018. I wasn’t very involved with the community and after this retreat I felt encouraged to get involved. It was an eye-opening experience and I got to learn more about my peers as well as meet new people. It definitely helped me build my confidence and learn how to open up to others. -Kenesy Sing (Design Committee)

IMPAACT means community to me because at IMPAACT we learn about our identity and intersectionality - all while having fun with other members of the APIDA community this creates a sense of belonging and it creates a home away from home. -Adam Nguyen (President)

Everyone should go to IMPAACT because the simple effort of being present at the retreat is a simple, yet extremely important step towards making progress for the Asian American community at Iowa State today. -Lisa Saenthavy (Public Relations Committee)


IMPAACT's missions revolves around the social environment of the Asian American Community at Iowa State and how to bridge stronger relationships with each other as well as creating a larger movement and continued organization post-retreat that revolves around student activism and social justice. This includes understanding the complexities and multifaceted values of the Asian American Identity further creating understanding and unity within the communities.


Students interested in participating can scan the QR code above, visit www.facebook.com/impaact.isu or email bsaent@iastate.edu. Registration closes February 26 at 11:59PM.

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