Protest in 8 Frames by Takashi Runtsch

12 Jun 2020 8:44 AM

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On May 25th, 2020, George Floyd was murdered by a police officer outside of a grocery store in Minneapolis for allegedly using a fake 20 dollar bill. His death is one in a long and storied history of police brutality against African-Americans in the United States. Shortly after, protests began in Minneapolis, and have swept across the globe. My name is Takashi Runtsch, and on May 30th, I participated in one such protest in Minneapolis. These photos document my experience.

man holding protest sign reading RIP George Floyd

Man with fist raised

Photo of military clad person wearing an american flag mask

person in mask holding up fist

Person holding sign reading: Police = KKK; No Justice. No Peace.

An older woman holding up a peace sign.

Two pwople holding signs. Sign 1: All lives can't matter until BLM. Sign 2: We will not relent! Justice for George.

Note: The images above are the property of Takashi Runtsch.

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