The Crazy Life of A Mexican Warr;or by Hugo

25 Nov 2020 12:00 PM

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My name is Hugo O. Perez Loa! I am a recent graduate from the class of Fall 2020 at Iowa State University! My Major is in BLS (Bachelors of Liberal Studies) and I’m from Storm Lake, Iowa!


The Crazy Life of A Mexican Warr;or is a YouTube video series that was created by, yours truly! I was nominated by Brian Behnken to do a collaboration with Iowa State’s MSA (Multicultural Student Affairs) Office, as well as their student website blog, The Hype, to produce a post of my experience as a Multicultural college student and, of course, as an Iowa State Student.

From my childhood to the present time, this saga narrates the life of a Mexican Gay Boy who lives in Midwestern Iowa and recounts his trials and tribulations of the wild adventures he has witnessed before his eyes. There are five parts to this series, each touching on different stages of my life.


With that being said, viewer’s discretion is advised. Some of these episodes will touch on heavy subjects such as sexual topics, mental illness, emotional/domestic/child abuse, and suicidal ideation. Again, the viewer’s discretion is advised.

It’s okay not to be okay!

See the notes under the video for resources

You are currently watching part 1. See the rest of the video clips here.


For help and resources, the link and number to The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline will be provided. They are available 24/7 anywhere in the U.S. and they provide services in Spanish as well as other preferred languages.


Links and numbers to abuse hotlines will also be provided.

If you need medical attention please contact your emergency provider immediately!

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Link:

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Toll-Free Number: 1-(800)-273-8255

The National Domestic Violence Hotline Link:

The National Domestic Violence Hotline Toll-Free Number: TTY: 1-(800)-787-3224 & 1-(800)-799-S.A.F.E. (7233)

The National Child Abuse Hotline Link:

The National Child Abuse Hotline Toll-Free Number: TTY: 1-(800)-422-4453 & 1-(800) 4-A-Child

Please don’t wait to call! Providers are working around the clock to make sure your life is safe.



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