Destiny Payne's Experience at Iowa State

23 Mar 2021 2:45 PM

By: Nsafi

When Destiny Payne was deciding what school, she wanted to attend after her undergraduate program, she wanted to pick an institution that would give her a different experience than her last institution. She wanted to go to a bigger institution that also had a well-established student affairs program.

So, when she found out that she could enroll in a student affairs program that had a social justice focus, she was immediately attracted to Iowa State.

Payne completed her undergraduate program at Augustana College, a private liberal arts college in Rock Island, IL. She enjoyed the time she spent there due to the social aspect of the campus and as well as the connections she made. The faculty there helped shaped her experience and also helped her find who she is.

For Payne, being at Augustana College was a good balance of “work hard, play hard.”

Payne is currently a first-year student in the student affairs graduate program and the one thing that surprised her the most about Iowa State was how much pride everyone had on campus. She noticed that the people at Iowa State loved being there and she liked to see how much people were so involved in their college.

The biggest difference from her previous school to Iowa State would be the amount of people she could interact within one day. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, she can note that she spoke with more people in a day at Iowa State than at Augustana College.

The coursework that she does for her program also allows her to think critically.

But she disliked the lack of diversity and consciousness that is seen in regard to social justice issues. It was also a slight shock for her because when she is at home, she is surrounded by diversity.

So, if she could change anything about Iowa State it would be the social awareness that people have on campus; people being socially aware, and seeing how social issues affect the students on campus. But she also recognizes that this is a global issue and not something that can be fixed overnight.

Payne recognizes that Iowa State has many opportunities to offer to students, especially undergraduate students. This is also a college that will create opportunities for its students.

From her experience, Payne has taken away the fact that “when you are at Iowa State you should be proud to be at Iowa State.”


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