Zakiya Johnson's Experience at Iowa State

18 Mar 2022 3:48 PM

By: Nsafi

When looking back at her high school experience, Zakiya Johnson can only describe it as being “okay.” She says that being one of the only Black women in her grade made it hard to feel comfortable and connected with the peers around her.

That is why she was excited for a change of pace and scenery when considering college. Johnson is a junior at Iowa State majoring in psychology and she chose this institution because she was offered the George Washington Carver (GWC) scholarship.

 She also liked how strong the study abroad programs were at Iowa State.

Johnson said that her experience at college is different because of all the opportunities available to her. She has the ability to join clubs with people that look like her and have the same interests. She can meet different types of people.

But college is also the same as a high school because she has to navigate working with people that do not share the same ideologies as her.

Being a GWC scholar has allowed her to make many friends and given her the confidence to connect with professors and instructors. This program also makes studying abroad easier.

Johnson said that she has been involved with the Womxn of Colour Network (WOC) for the past two years while working on the executive board. This program and position gave her the resources and confidence to be successful. She has gained many connections to WOC across campus and gained leadership skills that have shaped the student and person she is today.

Her main takeaway from the college experience has been that you can create the path you want for yourself. The opportunities she has had access to have come from getting involved.

She went on to say that “it’s so easy to become a number, and through getting involved in things, you can set yourself up for success.”