APEX Expectations and Opportunities


  • Attend New Student Orientation

Orientation is a program for students who have accepted their offer of admission to Iowa State University and plan to enroll in an upcoming term. Parents and families of scholars are encouraged to attend this orientation as well. When you attend orientation, you will be provided an opportunity to do the following:

  • Increase your knowledge of Iowa State University, including important policies and procedures
  • Meet with an academic adviser
  • Register for classes
  • Obtain your ISUCard (permanent identification card)
  • Sign up for your free Iowa State e-mail account
  • Become familiar with the campus
  • Consult with a financial aid adviser, if needed
  • Learn about resources such as tutoring, counseling, and student clubs
  • Attend the APEX Retreat

The APEX Retreat is a one-day experience designed to give new APEX scholars an opportunity to meet their peers, participate in fun and interactive activities and discussions, become acquainted with their Peer Mentor and other APEX staff, learn about the programs and resources offered through the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs and familiarize themselves with the overall expectations for the summer. 

  • Attend all classes and scheduled events

Participation is mandatory through the entire eight-week program. Students must attend all events, registered classes, weekly meetings with respective staff members, tutoring sessions and mandatory study sessions. Some instructors may allow for absences only in cases of emergency (i.e. medical illness, death in family, etc.) and/or extenuating circumstances.

  • Remain on campus and in Ames except for open weekends.

Many of the program’s events will help you build critical relationships – both on and off campus. Thus, the APEX team coordinates programs and events to help you in your transition to college life and to Ames.

  • Attend weekly residence hall community meetings and reside in designated residence hall only

During the program, students are expected to reside in the program’s specified residence hall (Buchanan Hall). All ISU students living in the residence halls must abide by ISU Department of Residence policies and procedures. We encourage you to pay close attention to your Hall Directors and Community Advisors at Hall meetings. Dismissal from the Residence Hall for any reason will result in dismissal from APEX. 

  • Avoid extracurricular activities for the duration of the APEX program

APEX is a time-consuming and intensive summer program. Therefore, APEX scholars are not allowed to work either on-campus or off-campus jobs or join/participate in any sports or athletic team that requires regular practice or events.

Fall and Spring Semesters

  • Join a Learning Community

All APEX participants are expected to participate in a learning community connected to your college, major, field or interest area.

  • Stay Involved

Additionally, throughout the fall and spring academic semesters, the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs will host a broad range of programs and events designed to promote (1) academic preparedness and retention, (2) cultural awareness and reaffirmation and (3) student leadership development among ISU’s multicultural students. APEX scholars are strongly encouraged to remain actively engaged in these programs by remaining connected to the MSA through its various social media platforms, bi-month newsletter and website. There will also be programming designed specifically to foster continuity and community among APEX scholars!