Frequently Asked Questions

What are the program dates?
The program begins on june 9, 2019 and ends on August 10, 2019.

I am interested in participating in APEX, but I can attend only part of the summer program. Can I still participate?
It is required that students attend all classes and participate in the APEX activities for the entire 8-week period.

What costs are covered by APEX?
Summer tuition and fees, room and board (including meals), and some social and cultural activities.

What costs are not covered by APEX?
Expenses related to traveling to and from Ames, books and supplies, health insurance, and personal items are not covered by APEX and are the responsibility of the student.

How many credits can I earn during the summer with APEX?
APEX offers students the opportunity to earn up to eight (8) credits towards an intended major.

What courses are offered under APEX?
General education classes such as English, math, psychology, and sociology are offered through APEX.  A full list will be provided to academic advisors as they help APEX scholars to build their summer schedule.

How will I know which level of courses I need to take?
An academic advisor in the student's college will help develop an APEX course schedule based on the student's ACT/SAT scores, previously taken college courses, and placement tests results.

Do I have to attend ISU Orientation?
Yes. All APEX participants are required to attend New Student Orientation for their respective college. Important information about the campus and your college is shared during ISU Orientation. In addition, placement exams, which help determine which courses you could take during APEX, are taken during orientation. Finally, you will meet the academic advisor in your college, prepare your fall class schedule, create an ISU e-mail account, and get an ISU student ID card during ISU Orientation.

Can I work during the program? 

Due to the demanding schedule during the summer, students are not allowed to work during the program.

Where will I live during the summer with APEX?
You will live in an APEX-designated residence hall.

How soon can I move in (check into) my room for APEX?
You will move into your room on Sunday, June 9, 2019.

Is transportation provided to and from the airport/bus station?
Limited shuttle service from the Des Moines International Airport/bus station will be provided by APEX staff. Otherwise, Executive Express provides regular transportation between the DSM airport and Iowa State University/Ames. Their rates and the travel schedule is available here.

Whom do I contact for more information?
You can contact the APEX Coordinator if you need more information or have more questions regarding the program. Please email or call:

Academic Program for Excellence (APEX)
Office of Multicultural Student Affairs
Iowa State University
Phone: 515.294.6338