Scholarship Appeal Information

The following request for appeal is for students who receive the George Washington Carver or Multicultural Vison Program scholarships and are in danger of losing the scholarship because of failure to meet scholarship requirements. Please follow the instructions below to submit your scholarship appeal.

You must have the following complete for the final submission. You may not save as you go throughout the application.

  • Essay - Describe the obstacles or challenges you have faced this semester that have impacted your academic success. This will assist the scholarship committee in better understanding your academic progress
  • Personal and Academic Goals -  The Appeals Committee requests that you meet with your academic advisor and together assess your goals for improving your academic progress. Share in detail the steps you are planning to take based on your meeting.
  • Degree Audit and Four-Year Plan (submitted as PDF documents)
  • Support Documents (i.e. medical notes, emails from your academic advisor, etc.)
  • Check with your college to determine if any additional paperwork is needed based on semester GPA.
  • Check with the Office of Financial Aid to verify if a Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal is needed.

NOTE:  The application for appeals opens after grades are released. Please see the communication from your scholarship coordinator. Deadlines will be January 3 and July 31 unless otherwise noted.


For added tips on compiling your appeal and sample documents, review this document.

Submit Your Request for Appeal