MVP Frequently Asked Questions - Fall 2020

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General Information

The Multicultural Vision Program (MVP) Award grants one hundred scholarships in the amount of tuition to incoming first-year students, who are U.S. Citizens or permanent residents, residents of the state of Iowa and identify as: American Indian or Alaskan Native, Black/African American, Asian American, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, Hispanic or Latina/o/x, or Multiracial on the application for undergraduate admission; or who have participated in a federally funded Educational Talent Search or Upward Bound program.  Students will also demonstrate academic potential in ways that go beyond class ranking or test scores.

The scholarship is renewable for a total of four years or eight semesters, provided the student maintains a cumulative 2.00 grade point average, completes and submits the FAFSA each year, and completes 24 new credit hours each academic year at the university. 

Frequently Asked Questions

**UPDATE**The MVP Fall Orientation originally scheduled for Wednesday, August 19th, has been cancelled. We will be moving to a virtual orientation session while also providing virtual follow up sessions with the MVP Team. More information regarding the online orientation will be coming soon. The virtual orientation session is a mandatory session for all new scholars.

When is the MVP Fall Retreat?  The MVP Fall Retreat will take place Saturday, August 29, 2020.

I am a part of [a program, student organization, a try out-group] and I have an event at the same time as the MVP Fall Retreat. What do I do? First, we ask that you communicate with your other commitment that you must attend the MVP Fall Retreat as part of your scholarship requirement to see if you are able to receive an exception. If you are unable to be granted an exception, please contact Wonjae Kim ( to discuss alternative options.

What is my financial situation? Does the FAFSA affect this scholarship?  MVP is a financial need-based scholarship. The FAFSA determines how much financial need a student has according to various factors such as family size, household income, number of members going to college, cost of attendance at the school of your choice, etc.

If you have questions about your financial situation, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at 515-294-2223

Are there any options for MVP scholars to have help paying for room and board?  No, however, students can utilize other financial aid sources to cover these expenses such as non-tuition scholarship, grants, and loans.

Which MVP class do I sign up for?  You are required to take two classes during your first year at Iowa State in the Multicultural Vision Program.  In the fall, you take U ST 101B, which is a 1-credit, P/NP Seminar for MVP Scholars.  The class for the spring is U ST 102A, which is also a 1-credit, P/NP Seminar.  Both are mandatory for all MVP scholars to take.

What are the requirements for the fall semester?

  • Enroll in and successfully pass the U ST 101B Seminar
  • Enroll in at least 12 credit hours total
  • The U ST 101B Seminar counts as part of the 12 credit hours
  • Please talk with your advisor about what classes you should sign up for in the fall semester. During their summer orientation, have students let their adviser know that they are an MVP scholar and that they need to sign up for U ST 101B.
  • Submit the FAFSA by December 1, 2020

Will there be any required events that I need to attend?  Please be on the lookout soon for more information about required events for MVP Scholars.  The University and Office staffs are monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic seriously and want to ensure that our students’ healthy and safety are considered.

Can I move in earlier than the scheduled move-in date?  Please contact Department of Residence 515-294-2900 for those inquiries

Is there a way that I cannot live in a residence hall and still get the MVP scholarship? (i.e. student athletes may be required to live in Fredrickson Court, health concerns, family is from Ames, etc).  Yes! They will need their parent or guardian to send a letter to the MSA office stating the reason their child needs to live out of the residence halls.

What is the best way to contact someone about the Multicultural Vision Program?  Please email Wonjae Kim at  Email will be the most efficient method to receive an answer at this time while staff is working remotely.