Cargill thrive Program

You thrive through innovation. You thrive while changing the world.

Become a Cargill thrive Scholar.

Thrive is a program designed to promote professional and personal development for underrepresented students in specific ASTEM majors (see the detailed list below). Housed in the Office of Multicultural Student affairs with partnerships in Global Resource Systems, Science Bound, and the Program for Women in Science and Engineering, the Impact Coordinator will prepare students to practice leadership skills necessary to work confidently, cross-culturally, and thrive in an era of completed and continual change. Scholars will participate in monthly sessions, work with a mentor throughout the year, and have multiple opportunities to network with Cargill employees and executives. Scholarships are for $2,500, $3,000, and $4,000 based on academic classification.


First-Year Student 2023-2024 Requirements:

  • Attend 3 thrive events
  • Attend 2 additional professional development activities (offered through clubs, other scholarship programs, etc.)
  • Meet 2 times with the thrive Impact Coordinator
  • Maintain a 2.5 GPA
  • Show continued financial need via the FAFSA

Sophomore/Junior Student 2023-2024 Requirements:

  • Attend 4 thrive events 
  • Meet 2 times with the thrive Impact Coordinator
  • Meet 2 times with your Cargill mentor
  • Attend the Cargill Annual Diversity Leadership Summit in August following your year in the program
  • Maintain a 2.5 GPA
  • Show continued financial need via the FAFSA


  • Have an 2.5 or higher cumulative ISU GPA
  • Be a US Citizen
  • Be an incoming first-year student in GLOBE; OR
  • Be in your 2nd or 3rd year at Iowa State or be classifified as a sophomore or junior in the 2023-2024 year




    Accounting ( ACCT)

    Agriculture Systems Technology ( AST)

    Agricultural Business ( AG B)

    Agricultural Economics ( ECONA)

    Agricultural Education ( AGEDS)

    Agricultural Engineering ( A E)

    Agricultural Studies ( AG ST)

    Agriculture And Society ( )

    Agronomy ( AGRON)

    Animal Science ( AN S)

    Biochemistry ( BIOCH/BIOCA)

    Biology (CALS) ( BIOLA)

    Biosystems Engineering ( BSE/A B E)

    Business Analytics ( BU AN)

    Business Economics ( BUSEX)

    Chemical Engineering ( CH E)

    Chemistry ( CHEM)

    Communication Studies ( COMST)

    Dairy Science ( DS)

    Economics ( ECON)

    Electrical Engineering ( EE)

    Environmental Engineering ( ENV E)

    Environmental Science (CALS) ( ENSCA)

    Finance ( FIN)

    Food Science ( FS H/FS A)

    Global Resource Systems ( GLOBE )

    Industrial Engineering ( I E)

    Management ( MGMT)

    Management Information Systems ( MIS)

    Marketing ( MKT)

    Mechanical Engineering ( M E)

    Microbiology ( MICRO)

    Supply Chain Management (SCM)


    Do my values and goals align with this Cargill program?

    Here is the company's purpose, vision, values, and ideal of success:

    Purpose and Vision

    • Our purpose is to nourish the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way
    • Our vision is to be the most trusted partner in agriculture, food and nutrition


    We are successful when employees choose us, customers prefer us, communities welcome us and owners earn an attractive return.

    Our Values

    • Do the Right Thing
    • Put People First
    • Reach Higher