Imposter Syndrome

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From “Bad Kid” to Now: Imposter Syndrome and My Self-Esteem Battle by Jasani

15 Oct 2019 12:18 PM

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I am a 20-year-old IT Professional that has 4 years of qualifiable industry experience, and I still think I’m not good enough and I often believe my successes aren’t my own. My childhood emotional abuse has left me with a heightened since of self-doubt and imposterism. Whether it is within my professional aspirations, physical appearance, or sociocultural relationships, I always have this lingering thought of “I don’t belong here” or “you’re not attractive enough to talk to ‘insert name here’”.

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Dealing with Impostor Syndrome by Andy

20 Oct 2017 9:29 AM

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I am not sure what most people’s reaction is to being invited to write about their experiences. Maybe for some it is treated as an everyday writing assignment, something they do because they were asked to with no major hassle. For others, they may find it empowering, or welcoming, appreciated, because of the fact they have been invited to speak in their own voice,  in their own words.

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