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Photo of Steven In Front of the cliffs of Moher

Four Years Later

31 Mar 2020 2:05 PM

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As a first-generation college student, my time here at college has not always been sunshine and rainbows. Upon arriving, I was faced with a few difficult circumstances such as:

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Plants and People in Costa Rica by Jessica

12 Apr 2019 2:32 PM

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Over spring break, I did my first study abroad trip to Costa Rica where I was able to learn about agriculture and be immersed in the Costa Rican culture. Not to mention, the study abroad office hooked it up with all-inclusive, beach front, hotels throughout our stay. Being a senior, I was super stoked about being able to get a study abroad trip into my last semester as an undergrad without having to dedicate an entire semester to do so.

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Rebecca standing on bridge in front of water

Exploring the UAE by Rebecca

05 Mar 2019 3:27 PM

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While most were enjoying the long winter break we had last semester I was also enjoying mine but in another country, Dubai! On December 28th, I left from Chicago on my first plane ride ever to Dubai! After a 13-hour flight, I had made it to the start of my adventure. Stepping out into the warm 80-degree weather in the middle of winter was something I would have never thought I would experience but was so happy I did.

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5 Things I am looking forward to this Summer!

27 Jun 2018 12:44 PM

Damien Damien

1. Spending time with Friends

It's great to finally finish school and go back home to meet up with my friends. Every time we see each other, we have a blast and bring out the best (and sometimes the worst) in each other. It's always great to be in a familiar place with familiar people. Going off to college is rough and kind of stresses me out, so when I get home it's awesome!

2. Going to Concerts

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Five Things I Learned Being Black and Abroad by Tasha

03 Apr 2018 3:30 PM

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My first trip out of the country was a 10-day school trip to Costa Rica with two of my best friends. We climbed mountains, hiked through rainforests, explored small towns by the coast, and danced with the locals. Although I was young and naïve and knew less about the systems the operate in our world today, I was given this insatiable need to experience the rest of the world, its people, and its cultures. Over the years, when I found the opportunity, I traveled internationally more. I found myself in St.

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photo of Christopher

My Time in the Land Down Under by Christopher

22 Feb 2018 12:24 PM

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Photo of Christopher on stepsOn February 13th, I left the states for what would be the best time of my life. After 20 hours of flying, I arrived in Sydney, Australia to study at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), my home for approximately five months. With my visa and passport in hand, I was out of the airport quickly and stepped outside in the beautiful city of Sydney.

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Map of Costa Rica from

Spring Break in Costa Rica by Lemuel

24 Jan 2018 1:27 PM

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As a minority student attending college is a financial struggle that has led me to lots of debt, so I figured I might as well get the most out of it by traveling/studying abroad. This is my first time studying abroad and I know it will be an adventure.

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Studying Abroad in Madrid: Ten Things to Know by Darnesha

16 Jan 2018 10:36 AM

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1. It can be expensive. However, this true of any study abroad destination. But especially true when studying abroad in big cities in Europe. To avoid overspending make a monthly budget before you go abroad. If you need help with this stop by the ISU Study Abroad Office in Memorial Hall and the staff will be able to help you. When creating a budget make sure the budget is realistic and affordable for YOU. But the most important thing is that once you create the budget make sure you stick to it.

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